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Composting History – Ancestral Technologies and Creative Incrementalism


The composter that is digesting all the ideas and old newspapers.


Apollo 12 Landing – November 19, 1969

The lunar landings of the Apollo Space Missions were a game changer for all of humanity. Neil Armstrong’s famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”, were eerily prophetic given the magnitude of the technology spinoffs from that era. In this episode of composting history I explore the ideas of technology spinoffs, both intended and unintended, and the notion of intersecting innovations. Some of the thinking in this podcast was stimulated by Stephen Johnson’s series “How We Got to Now.” It’s available on Netflix, and well worth a look if you are interested in the history of innovation.

New Islandpodcasting Series – Composting History

I’m starting a new series of podcasts called Composting History. The podcasts highlight some of the content from newspapers that I have collected over many years. As we downsize our household I’m getting rid of much of the physical newsprint material and keeping only the headline section of the paper. So, a lot of the actual paper itself is going into the compost. Thus the title, Composting History.

But, before I recycle these materials, I look through them and reflect on the message of the times they represent. I talk a bit about how those moments have become history, and where possible, I weave them together with other content and perspectives from the web.  The first episode focuses on a headline from Dec. 9, 1980, the year that John Lennon was assassinated. This podcast includes some of his music, as well as an audio file from the Internet Archive that contains a scan of New York City radio stations the night he was murdered. The photo below is a snapshot of the actual headline from the paper that I have kept.


Travels in Turkey: Islandpodcasting 111

This episode comes to you after a recent trip to Turkey. In an effort to present the visual richness of the country, I have made this as an enhanced m4a podcast, which combines audio with visual images. The link below will allow you to download this to play in iTunes.

Clicking on the “Now Playing” window in the bottom left of iTunes expands the picture window. Alternatively, the downloaded file will play in Quicktime Player.

Enhanced Podcast – Travels in Turkey – Click to play

Drop me a line with any comments, and enjoy.


Ted Riecken

The Sweet Spot: Islandpodcasting 110

I am back after a long absence! A few days of time during a recent trip allowed me the time and energy to make a few recordings that I’ve uploaded here. Also in this post is a bit of recording I was able to do last summer at the Island Musicfest. I had the good fortune to be situated in a particularly sweet spot for recording, which made for some “as if you were there” recording with my binaural mics. Drop me a comment if you get this. I have no idea if my link is still live in iTunes or any of the other directories because of my long hiatus.

Link to the direct mp3 file.

Paradise Lost & Found: Islandpodcasting 109

The content for this podcast was recorded in Hawaii and put together back here in Victoria. From one Island to another, here is a story of paradise, and how it exists, largely as a state of mind. The picture shows yours truly, Janet and Henry Kapono following his beautiful Wild Hawaiin Show that we saw on my birthday.

Here is a direct link to the mp3 file.

The Wild Hawaiin

Thinking About Learning: Islandpodcasting 108

In this episode I do a bit of reflecting on my Theremin project and what it taught me about how I learn. Inquiring into new topics is always a challenge, and sometimes we hit dead ends, individually and as a culture. But then, sometimes that is  how we learn to adapt and grow.

Here is a direct link to the mp3 audio file.

Theremins and Moogs: Islandpodcasting 107

This episode focuses on my early stages of building a Theremin. Inspired by a clip from within It Might Get Loud, I thought it would be fun to try and build one of these amazing devices. The more I looked into it, the more interesting it has become……

Here is a direct link to the mp3 file.

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