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New Islandpodcasting Series – Composting History

I’m starting a new series of podcasts called Composting History. The podcasts highlight some of the content from newspapers that I have collected over many years. As we downsize our household I’m getting rid of much of the physical newsprint material and keeping only the headline section of the paper. So, a lot of the actual paper itself is going into the compost. Thus the title, Composting History.

But, before I recycle these materials, I look through them and reflect on the message of the times they represent. I talk a bit about how those moments have become history, and where possible, I weave them together with other content and perspectives from the web.  The first episode focuses on a headline from Dec. 9, 1980, the year that John Lennon was assassinated. This podcast includes some of his music, as well as an audio file from the Internet Archive that contains a scan of New York City radio stations the night he was murdered. The photo below is a snapshot of the actual headline from the paper that I have kept.


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  rdzdefrance wrote @

What a wonderful idea for a podcast Ted!
As usual, very creative!
I like the play with word,s and the opportunity to reflect on how the present becomes the past, and how it influences one’s future…
I will look forward to more reflections from you soon 🙂

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