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The Sweet Spot: Islandpodcasting 110

I am back after a long absence! A few days of time during a recent trip allowed me the time and energy to make a few recordings that I’ve uploaded here. Also in this post is a bit of recording I was able to do last summer at the Island Musicfest. I had the good fortune to be situated in a particularly sweet spot for recording, which made for some “as if you were there” recording with my binaural mics. Drop me a comment if you get this. I have no idea if my link is still live in iTunes or any of the other directories because of my long hiatus.

Link to the direct mp3 file.


  Rick Monro wrote @

Great to hear from you again, Ted. Hope you can get the time to podcast throughout 2011.


  Doug wrote @

Reaching us loud and clear through the wonders of Google Reader! Good to have you back Ted!

  Doug wrote @

Also, amazing recording of the guitar fest. What binaural mics do you use?

  triecken wrote @

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the comment.

I use mics I got several years ago from a company called The Sound Professionals. Here is a link to the mics.

I also got a pair of the wind screens for $5 because they make for a better fit when you wear the mics.

Ted Riecken

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