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Islandpodcasting 105

Another episode, this one more like my regular work now that I know the feed is live and seems to be working both within Feedburner and iTunes. Thanks to everyone who confirmed they can hear me “loud & clear”. This episode finds me thinking about the web itself and whether it has a consciousness of its own existence. I also talk about a very cool DVD I’ve seen lately, and the power of Apple TV.

Direct link to mp3 file.


  carmen wrote @

Hi Ted,
Very engaging episode with lots to ponder about life and its melodies! Thank you for the effort to keep up with your podcasts. It is nice to have you back!

  Roger wrote @

I enjoyed “It Might Get Loud” as much as you did. Had to get ahold of more Link Wray stuff to check it out. Another great cut is called Jack The Ripper. Something about that music is just evocative of a dark and sinister undercurrent – which may be why it was so influential in rock.

Keep up the great work, Ted.

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