Storytelling, music, and personal reflections from Canada's left coast

Moving to WordPress

So here is the first episode (actually Number 104) on WordPress as a host. Send me a comment if you are able to pick this up and I will continue to refine the links and feeds.

Islandpodcasting 104


  Doug wrote @

Hey Ted,
I love the theme!
I was excited to see an update in my Google Reader for the site and happy to spend a couple of minutes listening to you. I appreciate the aural analogy of time perception.
I listened via the on-site player and was able to download from the site. And the feed for iTunes has worked.
I guess that your only challenge now is getting the subscribe in iTunes link on the WordPress site. Oh and more episodes. Good luck!

  Kurt wrote @

Loud and clear Ted! Great to hear you again 😉

  Ed Bilodeau wrote @

I was able to pick up the new episode with no extra effort, so I guess that means that everything is working fine. Congrats on the migration! I’m a relative newcomer to islandpodcasting (via Scarborough Dude), and I like what I hear, so I’m looking forward to new episodes.


  Christine wrote @

Hi Ted,
I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few years now, and I just want to say it’s always great to hear a fellow islander’s take on life here on the West Coast. Keep up the good work,

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