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Theremins and Moogs: Islandpodcasting 107

This episode focuses on my early stages of building a Theremin. Inspired by a clip from within It Might Get Loud, I thought it would be fun to try and build one of these amazing devices. The more I looked into it, the more interesting it has become……

Here is a direct link to the mp3 file.

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An Episode from Las Vegas

This episode is built mostly from clips recorded during a recent mini-vacation to Las Vegas. There is lots of background noise, but then that’s Vegas. Never a dull moment!

Here is a direct link to the mp3. Islandpodcasting 106

Islandpodcasting 105

Another episode, this one more like my regular work now that I know the feed is live and seems to be working both within Feedburner and iTunes. Thanks to everyone who confirmed they can hear me “loud & clear”. This episode finds me thinking about the web itself and whether it has a consciousness of its own existence. I also talk about a very cool DVD I’ve seen lately, and the power of Apple TV.

Direct link to mp3 file.

Moving to WordPress

So here is the first episode (actually Number 104) on WordPress as a host. Send me a comment if you are able to pick this up and I will continue to refine the links and feeds.

Islandpodcasting 104

The Migration

This is the first chapter in the 5th year of Islandpodcasting. Moving from the now defunct RadioUserland to


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